Union Meeting Information

UAW Local 3555 has regular monthly meetings every fourth Tuesday of each month located at our local Union office.

  • Executive Board meetings start at 1pm ever fourth Tuesday of each month and
  • General Membership meetings start at 2pm every fourth Tuesday of each month following the Executive Board meeting.

At these meetings, we elect our representatives, vote on expenditures, learn about issues affecting both our worksites and the labor movement as a whole. It is where we go to express our views and influence decisions. It is where we share examples across the worksite of new trends in management’s behavior toward members or brainstorm ideas to help the community. We don’t go to the meetings expecting to have all of our issues solved or all of our suggestions adopted. We go to be a part of the whole – to be a part of the discussion and understand the ultimate resolution. That stretch and pull of discussion and debate is what keeps our unions healthy and democratic.