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    We are stronger together!

    Welcome to the digital home of the Gaming Union in Las Vegas. Here you can learn the latest about the Gaming Union, the UAW, organizing, Local 3555 news, retiree activities, etc. This website will give you a sense of why workers join together to form unions with the Gaming Union, UAW, and it will also lay out the challenges faced by all working families.

    It’s also a place for gaming workers to find information about how to organize their own worksites: why workers organize, how the process works, what they can expect in an organizing drive and the importance of having a voice at work.

    We are committed to advocating for the rights of gaming workers and elevating the standards of the industry. Las Vegas is a union town, but too many hard-working gaming professionals in our industry stand alone. We are stronger together!

  • Flamingo Dealers and Slot Attendants formed their Union with the UAW and so can you!

A Union Creates a Meaningful Democracy

Labor Unions are the only institution that truly allows workers a meaningful democracy in the work place.  What does that mean?  A Union is the tool everyday wage earners use to gain freedom, opportunity, and security for their members and families.  Being part of a Union allows for a respectful and equal relationship with your Employer to which both parties mutually have a long term interest in each others success.  Without one we cannot have the other.  A Union allows the workers to have a voice in the workplace to seek fair and reasonable work rules, the ability to respectfully solve problems and to collectively bargain over terms and conditions of employment.